About Us

Angels & Outlaws, Inc. is a funky little boutique in the heart of downtown Gonzales, Texas. We specialize in Texas Fashion; the look-good, feel-good, “show some grit and look good doing it” kind of fashion.

We are two best friends that have been through it all together. Elementary school, high school, and graduation from Texas A&M together (Whoop!). Our children are the same ages and they get into the same trouble that we did along the way, so they keep us on our toes. The kind of loyalty, commitment, and give-and-take a life-long friendship like ours requires is hard to find these days. It's the same kind of loyalty and commitment we give our business, our customers, and our dream.

Our families have owned land in Gonzales County, the birthplace of our Texas Freedom, for over one hundred and twenty five years and have owned businesses in Gonzales County for more than sixty years. These have been passed down from generation to generation. The pride of Texas runs in our blood and shines through every aspect of our dream, Angels & Outlaws. We started our business with a few empty liquor bottles (for display), some glitter, and a lot of hard work and encouragement from our families. We are so excited Gonzales has helped us grow exponentially, and hope a little bit of that excitement shines through to everyone that visits our website.

Our little shop is a fashion boutique that helps strong women look fabulous whether it’s a ‘Harper Valley PTA’ kinda day or you’re gonna ‘Thelma and Louise’ it with your bestie. Whether you’re spending the evening under the ‘Friday Night Lights’ or the ‘Neon Lights’, we can help you put together an outfit that will look amazing for any occasion. Angels & Outlaws is where southern casual meets big Texas bling. Where you can dress like an Angel by day or add some edge and become an Outlaw by night. We look forward to serving each of our customers whether they get the chance to stop by our cozy little shop we are so proud of, or just order from us on our website. We will try to give them a taste of the Angels & Outlaws vibe that we think matches the feel and the style of Gonzales, Texas. The home of the historic "Come and Take It", the home of "Apache Pride", Where the Oilfield is Booming, and Rodeo is Strong, Where 'Gun Town Girls' wear their hair teased high and they are blinged to the nines!</